Tuesday, September 3, 2013

tu(n)esday! summer '13 faves by libby hostetler

Well, Labor Day weekend is over with and sadly, summer is over.  (For anyone questioning my love of summer as opposed to winter, just think of me angrily putting on panty hose and 5 layers of clothes AND a winter coat on before work.  Even my cat is terrified of me in the winter.)  SO - what were the best tunes of the summer, i.e. what did I play nonstop on my happy walk to work while trying to tame my humidity-frizzed hair?  Here we go...

Disclosure - Confess to Me

DUH.  I love these guys but this tune in particular makes me bounce just a little bit more down 32nd St.  I think it's the way Jessie Ware absolutely kills the vocals

Saint Raymond - Fall At Your Feet

LOVE this tune.  Perfect beach song!

Duke Dumont - Need U (100%)

I know, I know, this came out a few months back...but it still makes me think of summer!

Caveman - In the City

I can see this one transitioning nicely into the fall...

Kings of Leon - Wait for Me

I know, I'm a sucker for hanging in there and still loving these guys.  But this is a nice, laidback summer song.

Julio Bashmore - Battle for Middle You

This might have come out a year ago and I might have just stumbled upon him.  Oops.

St. Lucia - Elevate

Such a summer tune!

Sam Smith - Nirvana

Good Lord, this defines babymaking music.

And I'll think I'll leave you with that tune so we can all blissfully remember the Summer of 2013.  Enjoy!

-Libby Hostetler

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